Eduardo Asenjo Matus, Valdivia Chile. Fujifilm-X Chile and ambassador, former student of Architecture and Graphic Design.

The differences can’t be considered limitations, although in our culture these concepts are commonly used as synonyms, limitations are no more than the opportunity to find other routs for the same end, and there is where I find my inspiration: "The sound of silence ", is and will be, my most beloved project, because it loads with what I perceive how the reality photographed, the nuances of monochromaticism, the perfect imperfections of the fringes that blur reality and above all, the temporal contexts of each portrayed image, are the mirrored mirror of a symbolic interpretation of that moment.


The differences that constitute people, create the scene for one of the most relevant aspects of life, the ability to see things from different points of view and as result be able to enter a world of decisions, that in part, we consider the most appropriate at the time.

 For this I use a long exposure and the intentional movement of the camera.

Fujifilm X10 
Fujifilm XT 10
Fujifilm Xe2S + Fujinon 35mm F2
Fujifilm X100 F 
Fujifilm Xt1 + Fujinon 18-55 F2,8-4
Fujifilm X100 V 

Eduardo Asenjo 

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