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Exhibition in Enebada art gallery, Vitoria, Spain July 2017

Exhibition in Galería Urbana UST, Valdivia, Chile May 2017

Exhibition in Radiant-II, Santiago Chile, September 2017

Exhibition and sale in Old Street Gallery, Ecuador Dec 2017

Exhibition in Espacio - O Gallery, Santiago Chile Dec 2017

Exhibition in Portal Valdivia, Valdivia Chile February 2018 

Full Review in FujiXpassion Magazine Portugal, Dec 2017

Full Review FujiLove Magazine Poland, December 2017

Full Review Eclectica Magazine, Spain December 2017

Full Review Black Magazine, Germany December 2017

Review in Fisheye Magazine, Paris France  March 2018

Full Review EYE Photo Magazine, Austria April 2018

Full Review The Streets Magazine, Atlanta USA April 2018

Full Portfolio in DNG Photo Magazine, Spain May 2018

Full Review Soul Of Streets Magazine, Germany July 2018

Three publications in Photographize Magazine, New York USA 2018 

Three Publications in B&W Minimalism Magazine, Germany 2018

Full Publication in Xataka foto, Madrid Spain December 2017

Publication in Lensculture Netherlands, August 2017

Full review EyeShot Magazine, Italy May 2018

Full Publication Bex Magazine, Argentina 2018

Publication Photographize Magazine Issue 38, New york USA.

Full Review Streetbounty, Germany 2018 

Full publication EikonCulture Magazine, Italy June 2018

Full publication, USA July 2018

Full Publication My modern USA July 2018

Publication in Photography Masterclass USA July 2018

Full publication in Soul of streets Germany July 2018

Publication The Photo Academy Magazine France July 2018

Full publication The Street Photo Thailand, Thailand July 2018

Full publication FHOX magazine, São Paulo Brasil  July 2018

Othereal, Russia July 2018 

Publication Fotoblogia, Wroclaw Poland July 2018

Publication, Taiwan China July 2018

Publication China July 2018 

Publication Russia July 2018

Publication Anews, Russia July 2018

Publication Vneh world of photography, Iran July 2018 

Publication Kuaibao, China July 2018

Full publication Photocontest, Greece July 2018

Publication Sobakoffot.Ru, Russia July 2018

Publication Sina, Beijing China July 2018

Publication Camgle, China July 2018 

Full Publication Pixel 24, Russia July 2018

Publication, China July 2018 

Publication Fotofaka, Thailand July 2018 

Full Publication Elee Feed, China July 2018 

Publication Young Photographers Club, Iran July 2018

Publication, China July 2018

Publication Schenectady Photographic Society, USA July 2018

Full Publication, Peru august 2018 

Publication Zeitjung,de, 
Germany August 2018

Interview Fotopolis, 
Poland September 2018 

Full publication Chiiz Magazine,
India  October 2018 

Interview, France October 2018

Full publication Vision Magazine, Spain October 2018

Publication Photoweekly, Germany October 2018

Full Publication The Streets Mag. Printed book, USA November 2018

Publication Xataka Foto, Madrid Spain November 2018

Full Publication Fuji X Passion Magazine, Portugal December 2018

Exhibition in Emami Art Gallery KIPF 2019, India March 2019 

Publication Mymodernmet Best of 2018, USA January 2019 

Publication Deja Vu Magazine, Pakistán  March 2019


Photo of the month Photo Chronicles, France April 2019

Interview Fuji X Passion “X MASTERS”, Portugal April 2019

Publication Photo Chronicles, France April 2019


CONARTE CCM Valdivia  2019, Chile June 2019


Publication Yorokobu, Spain July 2019

Exhibition ENFOTO 2019, Chile August 2019


Publication "Las últimas noticias", Chile August 2019

Exhibition "Take the power", Chile October 2019


Publication "Lotus flower", Spain October 2019

Exhibition FIFVAL "Scars", Chile November 2019


Publication "Wake Up", Spain November 2019


Publication "Lotus flower", FujiXPassion Magazine, November Portugal 2019


Publication "Scars".  Caption Magazine, March  Chile 2020

Publication "Daydreaming".  FujiXPassion Magazine, March Portugal 2020 

Publication "La revue" Amnesty Assas, April Paris 2020


Publication "Fake plastic heart", FujiXPassion Magazine, Portugal August 2020


Interview 121 CLICKS with Raj Sarkar, India, August 2020

Publication Edge of Humanity Magazine, USA, October 2020

Publication De Manifiesto, Chile, October 2020


Publication Photoworld.BG. Bulgaria, November 2020


Publication Contrastes  Magazine, Argentina, November 2020


X-treaming Fujifilm Chile, Chile, September 2020


Exhibition "Renacer Gris"Espacio Difusión, Chile, December 2020

Publication "Soul Ties" Fuji X Passion Magazine, Portugal, May 2021

Publication "Panic Switch" Fuji X Passion Magazine, Portugal, July 2021


Publication "X-Photographer" Caption Magazine, Chile, September 2021

Publication "Lotus Flower" LEMAG Magazine, London, September 2021

Publication "Soy X" Fujifilm Chile, Chile, September 2021

Publication "Lotus flower" FUJILOVE 
Magazine, Switzerland, September 2021


Publication  "Anelore" Fuji X Passion Magazine, Portugal, October 2021


Book launch "INSURRECCIÓN", Chile, March 2022 

Publication "Anelore", Caption Magazine, Chile, March 2022

CONARTE CCM Valdivia  2022, Chile, June 2022 

Publication SHOTKIT,  Australia, August 2022



Exhibition and Publications 

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